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Here’s Why You Should Consider Working as a Theme Park Performer

Most actors dream of working on Broadway productions and winning Tony Awards. But did you know that there are other high-paying jobs that are looking for fresh talents? Theme parks performers are a good example. Not many people know that you can actually enjoy real benefits and good money when you share your talent in the theme park industry.

According to industry experts, if you can survive working as a theme park performer, you can make it anywhere. The job is absolutely tedious. Theme park performers are required to take part in several shows for five days a week. But despite the demands of the job, it is also a great opportunity to hone your acting skills and become more accustomed to performing in front of a live audience.

The Perks of Working as a Theme Park Performer

Theme Park Performer, Princess Elena

There are various types of performances when you work at a theme park, you can be assigned to do street shows, parades, Broadway-like productions, and even simple character portrayals. This alone allows the actor to immerse himself in a variety of roles, leaving them with a set of new experiences that can be listed on an actor’s résumé.

Theme park productions may also open global opportunities for actors. Corporations such as the Walt Disney Company have theme parks and cruises all over the world, and they do not hesitate to bring their current talents to these locations. Talent casting director Ray DeChiara had this to say about the mass hiring:

“We have a variety of needs globally for Disney Parks & Resorts,”he told “Everything from highly skilled dancers, comedic improv actors, stunt drivers, principal vocalists, and a range of musical theater performers.”

Aside from experience and benefits, theme park performers can experience a sense of stability in terms of their income and their schedule. Most theme parks offer part-time, seasonal, and full-time positions, so there are opportunities for those who actors who are juggling other jobs or college classes.

How to apply for theme parks

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Theme parks such as Disney and Universal exhaust a ton of effort in finding actors, including open casting calls, visits to theater schools, and massive social media campaigns. Aspiring performers may boost their chances of getting hired if they already have connections with current cast members as the company always takes their recommendations into consideration.

Working as a theme park performer can be a life-changing experience. You get to meet a solid group of people working in front and behind the scenes, giving you an opportunity to network your skills and form lifelong relationships. Like any other acting job, it is never easy so make sure you are up for the challenge before signing up.