Teen Angst

The 5 Best Movies That Perfectly Capture Teen Angst

Teenage years are considered the best years of a person’s life. It is a period of physical, intellectual, and emotional discovery. Many individuals encounter their first love, and at the same time, they forge friendships that may last forever.

As exciting as this stage of growth sounds, it also has its fair share of sadness, conflict, and hardship. The complicated life of an adolescent can lead to a lot of teen angst and rebellion. Through the help of strong bonds and family, all those loneliness and anger become a journey toward self-discovery. Explore Talent is counting down popular films that perfectly capture such themes. Find out if your favorite film is included on the list below.

5 Famous Movies About Teen Angst

1. Virgin Suicides (1999)

Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides was the first feature film by director Sofia Coppola, and it was through this film that audiences got a taste of her style and themes. The movie talks about the sadness and loneliness felt by the five pubescent sisters and their strict Catholic family. It is told through the perspective of a boy named Trip Fontaine who develops an unhealthy obsession with their story. As the title implies, the movie ends on a tragic note. Although the girls never got their happy ending, viewers did get a glimpse of how a turbulent youth can lead to dire consequences.

2. Spring Breakers (2012)

Spring Breakers

Spring break is a time when young adults indulge in everything from alcohol to drugs. This annual event drives the central story line for the movie Spring Breakers. Four friends who are bored of their everyday routine decide to rob a restaurant just so they can fund their spring break trip to Florida. As soon as they reach there, they engage in relentless partying only to end up in heaps of trouble along the way. The film relies on neon colors as a symbol of how extreme self-indulgence can get the better of us.

3. Edge of Seventeen (2016)

Edge of Seventeen

This coming-of-age comedy managed to surprise a lot of moviegoers with its charm, with lead star Hailee Steinfeld delivering one of the best performances of her career. The story has the typical “fish out of water” theme, but the sharp script and great acting make it worth your time. As angsty seventeen-year-old Nadine, Steinfeld reminds audiences what it was like to be a teen trying to make sense of her life.

4. Rushmore (1998)


Wes Anderson‘s young characters are quirky, charismatic, and filled to the brim with teen angst. A perfect example is Max Fischer, a brilliant and somehow eccentric student at Rushmore Preparatory School. Max has difficulty making friends due to his perfectionist attitude, and the only person he seems to be genuinely interested in is a widowed teacher named Ms. Cross. He does not exactly get to do things his way throughout the story, making Max realize that he is responsible for orchestrating his own downfall.

5. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015)

Me Earl the Dying Girl

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl was a big hit at Sundance in the year it was released. It is a fantastic comedy that could even be better than any John Green adaptation. The story centers around subjects such as art, friendship, and life in general. Lead actor Thomas Mann plays Greg, a socially awkward teen who teams up with his best friend, Earl, to make a movie for a cancer-stricken classmate. It is heartwarming, funny, and extremely relatable at most.