Movie Performances snubbed by academy

2016 Movie Performances That Were Snubbed by the Academy

The Academy of Motion Pictures and the Arts recently announced their official list of nominees. There were a few surprise entries, particularly in the acting category, which prompted many to comment that certain movie performances were robbed of their nomination.

ExploreTalent is making a list that counts the movie performances that were Oscar-worthy but didn’t get a nomination. Find out who should have made the cut below.

Oscar Snubs: Movie Performances That Deserve a Nomination

1. Amy Adams, Arrival

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Amy Adams has delivered breathtaking movie performances throughout her career. But sadly, oftentimes, her efforts have gone unnoticed. People were thinking that the tides would change this year after her films Arrival and Nocturnal Animals earned critical acclaim.

As soon as the nominees for Best Actress were announced, people lamented over Adams being excluded from the list as many were thinking that she would be recognized for her role in Arrival. According to reports, her spot was likely given to veteran actress Meryl Streep.

2. Adam Driver, Paterson

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Paterson was one of 2016’s most overlooked film but happens to be a favorite among critics. The heart of this indie gem was definitely its lead star Adam Driver. Driver, who is perhaps widely known for playing Kylo Ren in the Star Wars franchise, is a staple when it comes to small-budget movies.

In Paterson, he plays a bus driver who lives a repetitive life. Driver’s performance is both melancholic and heartfelt and has been noted by critics as one of the best of his career. But due to lack of campaign, the movie was never recognized by the Academy.

3. Kate Beckinsale, Love & Friendship


Kate Beckinsale surprised her relentless critics by playing one of the most charming anti-heroes in movie history. She may be the last actress to come in mind when it comes to casting a Jane Austen character. But as Lady Susan Vernon, she manages to be comedic and dramatic at the same time.

Despite not even being considered for a Best Actress nod, Beckinsale has proven that she can go outside her comfort zone every once in a while.

4. Rolf Lassgård, A Man Called Ove


A Man Called Ove was nominated for Best Foreign Film in this year’s Oscars. The eponymous character is Ove, who is played brilliantly by Swedish actor Rolf Lassgård.

Ove, despite being grumpy and ill-tempered, happens to also be dynamic and emotionally complex. All these traits are perfectly embodied by Lassgård, making him a thrill to watch onscreen.

5. Tom Hanks, Sully

Tom Hanks, Sully, Clint Eastwood

Tom Hanks has been delivering stunning movie performances throughout his career, but his star power has seemingly died down over the years. Back in 2013, he was snubbed for his role in the movie Captain Philips, and a few years later, the talented actor is experiencing the same fate.

Hanks was nothing short of fascinating to watch in his latest biopic Sully. The movie tells the true story of the captain who successfully landed a malfunctioning plane in the Hudson River. Unfortunately, the film went under the radar during awards season and Hanks was not given the recognition he truly deserved.