Booking Modeling Jobs

3 Simple Hacks to Increase Your Chances of Booking Modeling Jobs

Booking modeling jobs can be super challenging. Majority of models often struggle to build a full-time modeling career so they resort to working in a completely unrelated field just to keep a stable income. The competition makes it even more difficult as well. A lot of so-called models rely on their backups and connections, stealing the spotlight from more deserving girls.

Instead of feeling bad for yourself, how about working hard to boost your chances instead? Here are three simple hacks you can use to increase your chances of booking modeling jobs:

Start Booking Modeling Jobs with These Hacks

Hack # 1: Dress like a model, look like a model

How to Dress Like a Model

There is a big difference between go-sees and acting auditions. In acting auditions, you can show up in something that your character would wear. The same thing cannot be said for model go-sees. If you literally dress the part, it can come off as a little desperate and even slightly distracting in the eyes of casting directors. An example is when you attend an audition for a toothpaste commercial. You don’t need to show up looking like a dentist complete with a tongue depressor and flashlight in your pockets. There is no need to go overboard with your wardrobe, but do remember to dress appropriately. Show up as a blank canvas (black shirt and dark denim jeans) to give agents the chance to envision in character.

Hack # 2: Take your time


This doesn’t mean you should be late to an audition. Instead, you should prepare everything you need the night before so you don’t end up pacing back and forth the next day. Your comp card, headshots, and résumé should already be filed together to give you time to take a deep breath before heading out that door.

As soon as you arrive at the go-see, you will be asked to fill out some paperwork. This is an important step in an audition, so see to it that you take your time in providing all the correct information. You will typically be asked for your basic contact info, your agent’s info, and other things like your wardrobe sizes and if you had any previous modeling experience.

Hack # 3: Ask the right questions

Casting Audition

Modeling isn’t just about standing tall and looking pretty. Individuals who work in the fashion industry are drawn to models who are committed to the job. For example, you may ask the photographer about what specific emotion they want you to portray and if they could provide a story that goes along with it. That way, you end up helping each other capture the perfect shot.

If you are a model and hope to start booking modeling jobs, you can trust these simple hacks to work in your favor. Always keep in mind other model essentials such as constantly updating your portfolio, working with several agencies, traveling to big cities, and networking yourself around the industry to increase your chances even more. While it won’t guarantee instant success, all your hard work will eventually pay off.