7 Facts About the Movie ’13 Ghosts’ You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Countless horror movies have graced the big screen since the 2000s have started, but no one can still forget the classic movie that is 13 Ghosts.

The 2001 film 13 Ghosts is a remake of the 1960 movie of the same name. The hour-and-a-half film centers around the family who moves into a mansion, which they do not know is also the home of several ghosts.

Although the film received a low rating from Rotten Tomatoes, many movie buff found it interesting and worth-watching. To celebrate this masterpiece, ExploreTalent gives you a list of some of the most interesting facts about 13 Ghosts that you probably didn’t know.

The movie’s intense sound mix

The sound mix used in the movie turned out to be very intense, some of those who have watched the film admitted to suffering from certain physical pain when they listened to it.

Watch this clip from the movie and hear for yourself.

The trick behind The Torso’s headless feature

Actor Daniel Wesley, who played The Torso, had to wear a hood that allowed special effects workers to make him appear headless. Although his feature looked very complicated on screen, his makeup didn’t really take much time to be completed. This is not the case for the actress who played The Angry Princess, though, as she had to sit on a chair for five hours just to perfect her look.

The Thirteen Erotic Ghosts

If you need more proof of how popular this movie is, then the Thirteen Erotic Ghosts is here to shut your doubts down.

The 13 Ghosts was immensely popular that it got another version—a porn parody at that. Released in 2002, Thirteen Erotic Ghosts is all about a group of paranormal investigators who went to check an old school for girls to confirm ghost appearances in the building. What they discovered inside gave birth to a lot more unexpected events.

The ghosts are friendlier than you think

As its name suggests, this film features thirteen ghosts with different personalities.

There’s the First-Born Son, the ghost of the young boy Billy Michaels, who died after a neighbor he challenged to a duel with shot an arrow through the back of his head; The Torso, the ghost of a man named Jimmy Gambino, who was killed by a Mafia-connected client when he went broke and couldn’t pay the winning bet on a boxing match; The Bound Woman, the ghost of a Susan LeGrow, a young woman who was found dead after going missing and was believed to have been murdered by her boyfriend who caught her with another guy; The Withered Lover, who died while saving her family from house fire;  The Torn Prince, a former baseball player who died when his car spun during an intense drag race; The Angry Princess, a beautiful lady who suffered from abusive relationships and ended up killing herself after having gone through too much; The Pilgrimess, the ghost of Isabella Smith, who was accused of witchcraft by the townspeople and was locked in a pillory and was left to starve until she eventually died; The Great Child and the Dire Mother, the ghosts of Harold and his mom Margaret; The Hammer, a blacksmith who was killed by the townsfolk in the most torturous way possible—chaining him to a tree and driving spikes into his body; The Jackal, the ghost of a man who started attacking prostitutes and wanted to turn a leaf by committing himself into an asylum but eventually went insane; The Juggernaut, a serial killer who was shot to death by police officers; and lastly, The Broken Heart, the ghost of Arthur Kriticos.

All of these ghosts were portrayed evil, especially The Juggernaut and The Jackal, but turned out, in the movie, only one character was killed by a ghost.

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 The movie was Shawna “The Angry Princess” Loyer’s only movie

The actress who played The Angry Princess, Shawna Loyer, only graced the big screen once. The movie 13 Ghosts  was her first and last movie. The next time people had a glimpse of her was in the special video Thirteen Ghosts Revealed released in 2002 and the short documentary Ghost Files: A Haunted Houseful of Poltergeist Profiles.

Although the 13 Ghosts was met with low ratings from movie review sites, this film remains to be one of the best in the horror genre—and these facts are enough to prove that it deserves such tag.