Workout Tips Straight from a Supermodel Fitness Trainer

Supermodels Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes have sworn by the fitness regimen provided by none other than Michael Olajide Jr. As a professional fitness trainer based in New York City, Olajide is definitely on a league of his own. As a published author of the book Sleekify!, he also wants others to pursue the right road when it comes to fitness.

In order to do so, you don’t need to fly to New York City and schedule a rather pricey appointment with the man of the hour. Olajide happens to be feeling generous, and he’s sharing some helpful secrets that motivated both Adriana and Doutzen to get that runway-ready body that we all would want for ourselves. Speaking to Teen Vogue, the fitness trainer to the most famous supermodels of this generation, spills some of his most coveted secrets:

1. Hire a personal trainer


A personal trainer can cost you good money, but personal trainers do know what’s best for your body type. For beginners, it is usually a must to hire a trainer so you can get advice on what needs to be worked on. Planning a workout can be a challenging job after all, so why not have someone do this for you? It saves time and will give you optimum results. You don’t need to commit to a trainer your whole life as you can avail their services for the first three months of training.  You don’t need to bank on someone that costs you a year’s worth of salary either. There are workout trainers that are trusted around your community, take advantage of that and you’ll be able to save a lot of bucks.

2. Work out 6 days a week


For beginners, you may workout for two to three times in a week to deal with body soreness. Once you have your body trained and you’re willing enough to sustain heavy workouts without feeling like a rock was placed over you, then you can gradually start working out 6 days a week.  The advantage of exercising six times a week is that you don’t need to intensify your workouts, just making it a habit makes it good enough.

3. Do mostly cardio


According to Olajide, the importance of cardio lies with blood circulation: “Healthy blood flow is the cure to what ails most of us.” Sure, lifting weights can be advantageous too, but if you want to be able to withstand against diseases and strengthen your body’s immunity, then you must never skip cardio. Besides, before you begin to sculpt your body, you will be recommended to do cardio. Cardiorespiratory exercise also can expand the lungs and prevent any unwanted heart conditions.

4. Do a workout with a learning curve or something that requires developing a skill


Exercises like boxing or even dance will not only shape the body, but it will sharpen the mind. These types of workouts require dedication and skill, which will be very useful if you want overall wellness for yourself. You don’t need to be good at it, the beauty about learning new sports is being able to develop your skills. If you are currently part of a sports team, then Olijade says that counts too.

5. Create a workout playlist


Workout playlists can be motivating, especially when you hit the gym when you are feeling down in the dumps. When arranging your playlist, Olijade says that it’s up to your own preferences, so whatever works well with you should be able to match your workout routine. “Adriana loves new electronica for her workouts. For Doutzen, her husband is a DJ, so he works with incredible electronic and house music, which is extremely motivating. It has a great pace, so you can really move to it,” Olijade shared. “Some of the girls also like hip hop, such as Jay Z or Rick Ross.”

6. Take one day out of the month where you don’t eat or drink anything processed or manufactured


If you allot a cheat day for yourself, then why not set aside a health day? Eat everything organic for one single day and you’ll be shocked with the positive effects it has on the body. You’ll notice better digestion and a healthy glow almost immediately. Who knows, you might want to incorporate this healthy practice to a certain meal a day until you ultimately make the transition into eating healthy. Remember, you are what you eat. So if you don’t want the unhealthy fats or high sodium levels that come with processed foods, then skip on the canned meat and opt for something organic instead.