Unforgettable Performances by Child Actors

The recent awards show season highlighted a series of unforgettable performances by famous and upcoming actors alike. But other than the critically acclaimed acting of recent Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant or the stellar acting chops of Jennifer Lawrence in Joy, audiences were treated to another series of scene stealers: the child actors.

Hollywood has seen its fair share of child actors over the years. One of the most well known and successful have continued to blossom under the spotlight. Actors like Hailee Steinfield, Kristen Stewart, and Neil Patrick Harris are now well established in the acting industry.

Now a new generation of child actors have been born and today you will find out who they are and the unforgettable roles they have played as well.

1.  Marsai Martin

Age: 11

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Martin is one of the stars in the ABC drama Black-ish. Her deadpan acting and uncanny comedic timing is hard to top and clearly showcases her talent as a child actor. Martin holds her own despite the many adults in the sitcom, which centers around a successful black family dealing with cultural issues in society while trying to handle their own family problems.

2. Abby Ryder Fortson



The pint sized cutie is enigmatic onscreen. She plays Paul Rudd‘s daughter in the 2015 Marvel Superhero flick Ant-Man. But Fortson proves that her acting prowess isn’t only built for the big screen as she doubles as an television actress playing unforgettable roles in The Whispers and The Mindy Project.

3. Isabella Crovetti-Cramp

Age: 11


If you happen to be able to play a young Jennifer Lawrence and still get media attention, then you know that you are doing right in your career. That is the exact case of Isabella Crovetti-Cramp, who played the younger version of the titular character in Joy. There is something about Cramp’s charisma and youthfulness that truly shined in the movie. Before making her film debut, Cramp did a number of commercials and television stints including roles in The Colony and CSI: Miami.

4. Jojo Kushner

Age: 7


Kushner literally acted her first role alongside Oscar heavyweights Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway in the 2015 movie The Intern. Her heartwarming performance captured the attention of a lot of people everywhere, most likely because her fashion style in the movie was clearly on point like her acting.

5. Noah Wiseman

Age: 7


Wiseman is only seven and the horror film The Babadook was the debut film for the child actor. He seemed to have handled that well and provided a spine-tingling and convincing performance at the same time. The movie’s success is doing his career well. After bagging the role, Wiseman was signed with a talent agency to manage his career. It seems very clear that this child actor has a bright future ahead of him.

6. Jacob Tremblay

Age: 9


Tremblay’s name is completely synonymous to the recently concluded Academy Awards. Although this child actor did not receive recognition for his unforgettable role as Brie Larson‘s son, that didn’t stop him from bringing attention to himself.

In the movie Room, Tremblay and Larson are held captive by a man who happened to be his father too. Their heartbreaking chemistry is surely not something one can easily shrug off. Tremblay’s acting in particular just showed that his talent is way beyond his years.

7. Abraham Attah

Age: 14


Attah may be the eldest on this list as he did make his first movie as an adolescent, but that doesn’t make him any less memorable. Making his film debut in the critically acclaimed movie Beasts of No Nation, Attah gained several nominations and awards for it. The recognition was rightfully so, as nobody could have done an even more realistic portrayal of a young boy amidst the civil war.

So what’s next for the child actor? He’s recently signed in to join the ensemble cast of Modern Ocean with Keanu Reeves and another former child actor Daniel Radcliffe.

8. Isaiah Tootoosis

Age: 7


Saskatchewan native Tootoosis filmed his first Hollywood movie alongside none other than Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie that gave the latter his first-ever Oscar award. But it isn’t only DiCaprio who got people buzzing, but the young boy who played his son was also trending everywhere. Tootoosis seemed to have held his own despite being paired off with one of Hollywood’s most seasoned actors and it got audiences excited on where his acting career is going next.