8 Tips for a Successful Dance Auditions

Audition day is one of the most stressful yet exciting days of your life as a dancer. It’s the day you are going to have the chance to show off your dancing skills and techniques you’ve been practicing since forever. The feeling of anxiety is overwhelming. Yes, it’s part of the experience, but don’t let it overpower you.

Here are a few tips to help increase your chances of getting cast for the role you want.

1. Prepare for it

 Sleep early so you can wake up early. First thing’s first, you need to have a decent breakfast, you will need energy, lots of it. You never know until what time the audition will last. If you’re really in a hurry and have no time to eat properly because you wake up late due to your tossing and turning until past midnight, then grab a banana on your way.

2. Pay attention to your appearance

It’s not only your dancing prowess that they are interested in but also the way you look. Be tidy. Wear something that you are comfortable with, something that would accentuate your figure and make you stand out like black body-hugging and stretchable outfits.

Don’t let your hair fall down onto your face. Another tip is if you have a particular set of clothes you want to wear on the audition day, wear it in your classes weeks before the audition. That way you will feel comfortable on it. If you feel natural on it, you’ll feel less jittery. For females, wear light makeup and no jewelry; for males, just be neat.

3. Arrive early

It is essential that you get there ahead of time, thirty minutes early is ideal. If you arrive early, you will have an extra time to warm up, relax, and be part of the first batch of performers. And that’s a huge advantage if it’s a big audition.

4. Position in front

Being in front allows choreographer to see you better. This will also allow you to get the best possible view of the choreographer, which is important so you can learn the routine correctly.

5. Be attentive

Once you enter the audition room, forget about anything else that is not related to your audition. You need to focus on what’s going on around you. Watch the faces of the judges, what or who are they watching, whether they are looking at the dancers performing the combinations or observing the other dancers moving around. It means they are not just evaluating your talent but also your behaviors.

6. Watch your manners

As mentioned above, you are also being judged based on the way you conduct yourself. When you need to ask questions, ask clearly and politely. Do not forget to use “please” or “thank you.” If possible don’t go to auditions with your friends. This is to avoid talking during auditions.

Do not bring a cellphone, it will only disrupt you. No chewing of gums. Do not sit down or lean on the walls. Do not cross your arms or put them inside your pocket. Just stand with your arms in your sides. Don’t forget to clap for other dancers as well as thank your choreographer at the end of the audition.

7. Execute, don’t show off

Always go all out but not to the point that you’re adding difficult movements even if it’s not needed, just because you can. If the choreographer is asking for a double pirouette, don’t do a triple. Concentrate on doing the combination instead of embellishing your moves. It is important for the choreographers that their dancers are able to follow simple directions and not create their own interpretation.

8. Be energetic

Even if you’re feeling tired and want to lie down on the floor, don’t. Don’t let it show. No matter how good of a dancer you are, if you get easily exhausted, you won’t get a role. Dancing is physically demanding. Sometimes, they have to rehearse several hours in the day and perform at night for several days. Always smile, be expressive, and don’t look down on the floor while you dance.

If you didn’t get the a role even after all the preparations your have done, don’t take it hard. Maybe you are not the one they are looking for. Most of the time, weight, height, ethnicity, and even your hair color contribute to their decision. So to save your from heartache, research on their requirements before signing up for dance auditions and know your limits.