The Acting Jobs You Should Know About


Finding a job isn’t easy, especially if you’re looking for acting jobs. Fortunately, details about the different kinds of jobs are accessible, thanks to our advancements in technology.

Aspirants are now given more ideas about the different types of jobs they could venture in, when it comes to acting. Now, it’s your turn to know what type of jobs are available in the business, so you will know which ones to go for really want to be.

We have prepared a list below about the five major careers in the film industry, which you should definitely know about.

Commercial Acting Career

Commercials are a totally different kind of acting job. A commercial shoot is fairly short, lasting for only a single day, but the pay is quite sufficient. Although they don’t require much of your skills and talent in acting, this job can certainly be a steady source of income due to its pay. This career can be a perfect fit for you if you want to have a job at the side, while enrolling in more acting classes to hone your skills.

Film Acting Career

When it comes to acting, the first thing that always comes to our mind is Hollywood. That’s understandable because it is the center of everything that’s presumably golden, when it comes to show business in general. We think that the only way to land a career in acting is being part of Hollywood movies. However, it is very important to remember that there are different casting processes and you can start small and move your way up to the top.

You can start by becoming an extra or a background actor. Compared to being a full pledged actor, it isn’t much, but it could be the very thing that will open new doors of opportunities for you. Who knows, you might actually land yourself some bigger roles in the industry. Another way to start is by doing a couple of independent films, which you can find on online casting sites.

Voice Acting Career

This will be your voice will certainly be the most important factor and it will be the one doing all of the acting. This is the perfect job, if you’re the kind of person who prefers that your voice will be the star, instead of your looks, gestures and how you act in front of the camera.

Voice acting is also an art form, just like any other acting career. It’s not just some sort of supplement for an acting job or any form of support tool. Voice acting is as important as any other job and it’s very crucial on its own. You’ll be giving life to the characters in TV programs, featured films, movie characters, voicing over for commercials and games. That’s how important it is.

Television Acting Career

For this type of acting job, there may be a need for you to be located in areas where there is a need for your talent. For example, you might have to work and live in areas where most casting directors reside in, like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Georgia, and Miami. Another thing, there are more shows made on TV compared to movies, even if both industries have equal opportunities. Above all, you need to be prepared to take risks along your journey, if you’re truly considering a career into television acting.

Stage Acting Career

Stage acting is not as easy as it look. It requires a lot of talent, skill and passion. A number of stage actors even go through the trouble of studying the different styles of acting, so they could reach their goals of becoming truly efficient.

But, if you’re willing to make all of the necessary efforts. If you’re willing to endure all of the trials. If you’re fond of watching live actors performing on stage, then this can be the job you’re looking for. Now, don’t belittle stage acting. There are famous stars who started their careers in stage acting, before they got into television and movies. To site a few examples, we have the famous actor from Star Trek, Patrick Steward and Micheal C. Hall from Dexter.

Now that you know five of the major careers in acting jobs, you’ll now be able to assess yourself and focus on the field of acting you want. Knowing what and where to spend your time and effort is very important. It gives you the proper amount of time to spend on improving your craft and you wouldn’t be wasting your time. You should also do your best in all of the opportunities present unto you. If you just keep your focus and aim to get better after every stint, you’ll definitely achieve your goal, and you’ll definitely go a long way.