How to Stay Committed to Your Acting Career

Acting is a career that requires passion if one wants to pursue it for a long time. Passion ignites an actor and allows him to fuel his drive to become better. When choosing acting, you are set to enter a world filled with different looks and skills that continuously compete against each other. It’s easy to lose hope especially when you start to feel the pressure that comes with the business, but do bear in mind that if you have committed yourself to finding success as an actor, then it wouldn’t be so hard to keep trying until you reach your goal.

In ExploreTalent, we’ve come across numerous actors and many of which have received success in the acting business. Their focus, discipline, and passion are the perfect formula for thriving in this competitive industry. So here are some tips gathered that give rookie actors or even seasoned ones the drive to stay committed with their acting career.

1. Set goals


There is a saying that goes, “Goals are dreams with time limits,” and it is something we can all learn to abide with. When a person sets ambitious but reachable goals for himself, then he will develop the passion to go for it. Goals give an actor even more motivation when they’re backed up with a emotional reason. Consider yourself first by asking, how will this help me as a person? Let your goals create positive effects for yourself and then consider your own family, friends, and loved ones as a part of your goals as well.

2. Commit more than dedicate


Commitment and dedication have only a hairline difference from each other for most people, but in reality, they are two very different aspects in the acting industry. Staying dedicated to your job as an actor does not only mean memorizing your lines for a part and getting paid for it after. When you are committed, on the other hand, commitment means making reasonable sacrifices for the sake of your career and fully embracing a role given to you. Many directors choose a committed actor over a dedicated one, as those who commit show more passion in their career.

3. List your achievements and losses


As an actor, you’ll get a lot of wins and losses along the way. When you keep track of both of them, you’ll be able to weigh out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Don’t be ashamed if you have a lot of losses, especially when you’re just taking your baby steps in the industry. Learn to accept the fact that you can’t always win or achieve everything you try out for, and at the end of the day, improving yourself is part of the challenge that acting entails.

4. Keep learning


Want to branch out to voice acting after developing a career in television and film? Well, it is never too late to learn to hone your skills at the same time. An actor’s success will depend on his versatility, and note that the best ones in the industry have gone on to take multiple roles. You may think that you’re all ready to go and audition after you’ve done a slew of successful projects, but do note that the acting business is always evolving, so as an actor, it’s your responsibility to bring something new to the table.

5. Network and surround yourself with the right people


A lot of people think that actors only look after themselves, but in reality, the more trustworthy people an actor surrounds himself with, the further his career will advance. It is important to surround yourself with people who know your craft and share your passion. This will not only increase your chances of getting referred for multiple roles but will also motivate you after seeing the success other actors have achieved. An actor’s social skills are also essential as it helps him determine how well he can express himself in public. So do learn to network yourself as an actor, but be careful to choose the right people who will positively affect your career instead of the opposite.

6. Be honest and stop making excuses


So you did bad during an audition, you were late for the first day of shooting or you just messed up your chances for a dream role. Instead of making excuses, list down the things you did wrong and find ways to avoid them next time. As mentioned, there is always room for improvement as an actor. So keep your head up, accept your faults and don’t be a victim of the same mistakes.