ExploreTalent: Runway Model Tips During Fitting

When you book a job as a runway model, it can open a lot of doors in your career. But don’t get too caught up in the moment as you still are judged based on your etiquette before, after, and during the actual fashion show. If you happen to be a rookie model, seeing famous personalities like Karlie Kloss, Naomi Campbell, and Coco Rocha strut their stuff on the catwalk may seem like a piece of cake, but in reality, they still had to work hard in order to become the iconic runway models they are today.

If there is one thing aside from their looks that make the same runway models getting booked to walk in a show over and over again, it’s their professionalism. When you learn to maintain a good professional attitude, you will get to handle various situations and demands in the fashion industry. Keep in mind that proper etiquette begins even before the actual show, so be at your best during fitting.

In order to get the respect you want and establish yourself in the industry, you can achieve it through following these proper procedures:

1. Arrive early


Arriving early has numerous benefits: it portrays a professional attitude and it gives you time to shake off the pre-show jitters. Arriving early also makes you adjust to your surroundings and will give those involved in the runway production a head start into sculpting your look.

So how early should you arrive? Show up at least 15 minutes to thirty minutes max before the actual show. Arriving early should also mean that you have showered and have done a model’s hygiene routine (transparent deodorant, groomed hair, light makeup, etc.) to get started with the fitting.

2. Show up alone


Models under 18 can bring one parent, as per protocol. But if you are over 18 years of age, show up alone as there is a big chance your companions will not be allowed in or would pose as distractions at an already crowded room.

3. Do not smoke or drink before the actual fitting


Nothing good ever comes out from a runway model who shows up intoxicated or smelling like an ash tray. If you happen to drink or smoke, then save it for another day. You need to stick with smelling and looking your best for a fitting. Your smell will not go unnoticed, so whether it be cigars or beer breath, any member of production will take notice. The worse that can happen is if you get the smell on the garments, which will not sit well with designers.

4. Observe proper decorum in dealing with garments

Fashion Week Backstage

As a model, you are not in the position to judge the garments. You may be unconsciously being tactless when you least expect it. To be safe, do give positive feedback when fitted with clothes or continue to be enthusiastic as you are handed garment after garment. Only give your opinion when asked by the coordinator; otherwise, it is best to just remain positive.

Another rule is to handle the garments with care. You are fortunate enough to be chosen to represent a designer, so show some respect by exhibiting your best attitude when it comes to their creations. Don’t throw them on the floor, and if you happen to be dealing with delicate fabrics, get instructions on how to wear them. When the handler isn’t around when you take them off, remember to hang the clothes where they were initially.

5. Be courteous to everyone around you


Don’t be one of those models who think they can get away with everything. Stay humble no matter what you’ve achieved in your career. Being polite should be a number one priority in any field. As soon as you arrive, greet everyone in the room and make sure they feel respected. You don’t have to judge anyone by their position to give them respect. So treat all people the way you want to be treated in return by addressing them with the titles miss, sir, etc. unless told otherwise.

After the fitting, it is only courteous to close the fitting session by thanking everyone involved. Do not forget to do so even if it things didn’t go according to plan. Keep in mind, you were given the privilege to do this job and as the chosen runway model, you are expected to remain professional.