Movie Audition

Movie Audition

When you want to become an actor in movies, you have to start off by attending movie auditions or “casting calls.” It’s here where you will meet with producers and casting agents to show off your talent in hopes of landing a role in their upcoming project. As with everything in show business, there are strict rules and etiquette one must follow when going on these auditions.

When entering an audition for a new movie, always make sure you use your manners and are polite to everyone you come in contact with. Stay brief yet informative. When you first enter the audition room, state your name and the piece you will be auditioning with. Make sure you don’t touch anything, including the casting agents. If they reach for a handshake, that’s fine but otherwise keep your hands to yourself! Never ever chew gum while inside of an audition room. There is nothing worse than trying to listen to someone recite lines only to hear and see gum being chewed on.  Do not smoke anywhere inside or around your audition. If the role calls for smoking, that’s fine but other than that, cigarettes are a big no-no. Once you’ve gotten the vibe that the panel is ready to hear you read, begin the audition.

After you’ve finished your piece, never hang around to ask the panel questions. The only thing you are going to hear from them is a “good job” or “thank you”. Their main job is to be objective during the interview, they have probably had a long day. Just thank them for their time and leave the room quickly and quietly. Try and wait outside in the lobby for a minute or two to see if they want you to read again. If they don’t, make sure you sign out and let them know you’ve left the audition. Exit the building with grace and be proud that you did the best you could.

When you are auditioning for a major role in a huge movie they might call you back in 10 times before they make a final decision. They want to make sure they’ve got the perfect person. In TV, the schedule of the production controls the auditions because, in television, an entire cast must be chosen in a week so the show can start filming the next week. In movies, the project never changes because the schedule is already set in stone. This allows the producers maximum time to find the perfect actors for their production.

Usually, if an actor is really talented, he or she will be asked to audition for multiple roles in order to find the one that suits them the best. For example, if the movie is about 3 kids in high school and you fit the profile for more than 1 of the kids, they might ask you to read the part of all 3 of them. It’s good to know this info in advance because then you can study the material from every point of view because a lot of the time a casting director will ask you to read multiple parts on the spot. Just remember to stay calm and focus. Just read the lines slowly and clearly and always stay confident even if you mess up just laugh it off and have fun with it.

You might notice that you will slowly fall into a group of actors that audition for the same roles over and over every year. Hollywood is a big town but in many ways its still very small. This means you have to constantly stand out and always make sure you leave a lasting impression on the casting directors.

The casting agents might also bring you in with other hopefuls for the role you are auditioning for. They want to mix and match to see who makes up the best cast. Since they have an open schedule, they have time to do this.

Here at Explore Talent, we hope all of your auditions are “Yes’s” and you move on to bigger and better things. Always remember, every single audition is a victory for you whether you book the job or not. Just have faith in yourself and believe that you are meant to be great! Good luck!

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