The Importance of Modeling Voucher

Every model needs to have a certain document called modeling voucher. This particular document is actually an invoice that you should bring to your every modeling gig. This is to make sure that you get paid on time. Both you and your client have to sign it after you finish each of your job. Be it a photo shoot, an acting stint, or other gigs, a modeling voucher is very much needed. Once you are booked, you are given a pad of blank vouchers by your agent. It has three carbon copies with different colors. The first copy is for the client, the second is for your agent, and the last one is your own copy.

You should always bring the voucher with you whenever you have a a job to do. Fill out properly the required information. And before you sign the voucher, double-check the info you entered to make sure you didn’t miss anything. If information is incomplete, your agent will have to go after your client and it will take time, not to mention the hassle it will create. That would slow down the process of billing and payment. For sure nobody wants to receive their payout very late.

Okay, so you ask what is on the modeling voucher. On the modeling voucher, it contains the details of your job description, there is also a space for information on your client’s company like the address and contact information as well as a little blank space for your name and signature. It will serve as a contract between you and your client after both parties signed it.

Most modeling vouchers have the logo or the model’s agency’s name and address. You should fill it out at the end of your shoot. It is highly advisable to fill out everything you needed to so when you approach the person (usually that person is present in the production), he or she doesn’t need to do anything but just affix his or her signature.

But the good thing is, most of the information asked in the modeling voucher should be filled up by the client such as the company name, address and contact information, the time you started and finished your job, the time duration, the job description, as well as the pay.

If you run out of modeling vouchers, you can just ask for more from your agency. They will issue it to you right after you sign the contract with them. Your agent will be the one to explain to you what those information means, how to fill up, and whom you will submit it to. Sometimes, the agency will just e-mail your copy of the voucher so you can print it on your own.

You use one modeling voucher for each job booking. For example, you have two bookings to do in one day, then you need to bring two modeling vouchers. If you forget to bring your voucher, worry not because you still have your options. There are probably several models in the production, so you may borrow one from one of them. You may also call your agent to send you a copy of the modeling voucher through e-mail or fax. Or you can tell your client honestly that you forget to bring your voucher. Ask the client if it is okay with them that you will just bring one with you the next day.

But to make sure that this scenario will not happen to you, always have an extra page or two of the modeling vouchers on your bag. Or have a back-up plan. Save a photo of the modeling voucher on your phone so you can just print it right away if ever you need it.

It is very important that you turn over the voucher immediately to your agency after each job as quickly as you can. If possible, do it within the same day to prevent any delays in the process and to ensure a timely payout. If you sent it through a courier, call your agent to make sure that he or she received your document because sometimes, the companies, particularly the larger ones, have the tendencies to overlook the vouchers due to their busy schedules.