Modeling Auditions

Modeling Auditions

If you’ve already booked a modeling audition, chances are it’s your resume and beautiful portfolio that got you through the doors.

When you sign up with a modeling agency, they will be in charge of putting together your portfolio and promoting you as a model to establishments casting for new faces for their clothing lines, makeup lines, jewelry lines etc.

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The looks required for a model vary by what product is being sold or promoted.  When you are working with your agent to create the perfect portfolio, make sure to add as many different looks and variations of your style as possible. This will give the casting directors a better idea of how versatile you can be as a model. If you can’t pull off an outfit or aren’t confident with the way the pictures make you look, don’t add it to your portfolio. The more options you may be able to display as a model, the better chance you have of booking a job. Usually, models have their 1 go-to “look” or style that they are most confident with so, just remember to be yourself and do what makes you the most comfortable.

When at a modeling audition or as it’s called in the industry, a “Go-See”, you will be meeting with a producer or a casting director for whatever company or product you are auditioning for. Always be prepared. When attending these go-sees they might want to take some quick “test shots” of you with a Polaroid camera. Don’t wear any makeup and make sure your hair is pulled off your face. Unlike auditions for actors and singers, your image and overall attitude are the 2 factors that will land you the gig. Models technically don’t need to “act” in order to get a job if their look is right.

When you attend a go-see, you must make sure that you bring your modeling portfolio, headshot and a sheet of paper with all of your measurements on it. This is important and almost like your resume as if you were an actor. This shows the casting directors right away if you are right for the gig or not. All models attending a go-see should have a organized list of their: height, weight, waist size shoe size and hat size. And with each gender there should be specifics.

For men: suit size, shirt size and inseam.
For women: bust size, hips, dress size, blouse size, and pant size.

As with everything, rules of etiquette always apply. Remember to always use manners, be polite when speaking to everyone at the audition and last but never least, be yourself. You are not acting a part; you are selling a look. Your confidence is key at your modeling audition and will show them that you are ready for the job! A courteous and profession demeanor will get you far. If a casting agent does not think your attitude is right, they could make sure you never audition for them again and you don’t want that.

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