List of Film Industry Jobs for Models


A variety of factors entice aspiring models and actors to apply for film industry jobs. While some are hooked by the idea of huge profits from blockbuster films, others are drawn to the opportunity of seeing their life stories unfold on screen.

Despite the loads of cash involved, only a few make big money in the film industry. This is because of the tight competition for work, particularly for entry-level roles. As such, it can be tiring to make a living in film-making. Nevertheless, many models still want to take risks just to be in the entertainment business.

But, what jobs are available for them in this creative business? Let’s take a look at each one:


Even if there are amazing actors, stunning sets, colorful costumes, and breathtaking lighting, if the extras don’t seem to belong there, they’ll only ruin the entire film.

Extras, otherwise known as background actors, are basically more than just a group of individuals walking around the primary characters. They make a scene realistic, making a film more believable to the viewers.

Although extras are usually hired through agencies, models are still welcomed to apply, especially if a scene requires a model-type of character. Ideally, models are cast for party or bar scenes because they don’t need to act differently. They just have to act the way they normally do.

Photo Doubles

In a production scene, a photo double plays the double of the lead actor. When filming, he will be seen on camera. He’ll be doing complicated sequences or quick close-up shots that involves showing a specific body part of an actor.

Just like the lead actor, a photo double is required to familiarize and recite all the important lines in a scene. He’ll redo various physical actions in coordination with other actors. Usually, a photo double has to be of the same weight and height of the actor he is replacing.

Though it is difficult to look for photo double jobs for models, there are still opportunities out there waiting for them. Even if they don’t facially resemble the actor, props like wigs can be used.


In the initial process of a production, stand-ins are of great use. They’ll take the place of lead actors before filming for technical reasons like lighting.

Setting up of the lighting is a slow and daunting process. So, during this time, while the lead actor memorizes and practices his dialogue, the director of photography will ask stand-ins to deliver lines from and walk through the scenes to be filmed. This way, they can speed up the production.

Stand-ins don’t really have to look like the actor. They should have at least the same hair color, weight and height, build, and skin tone of the actor they are standing in for, so that the lighting in a certain scene can be set up perfectly. For instance, if the lighting is set up with a shorter stand-in, the possible result is that the actual actor’s head might be in relative darkness.

Even if other actors and actresses request to have the same stand-ins in whatever film they do, this doesn’t mean models can no longer do the job. As long as their physical traits resemble to that of an actor, then there would be no problem.

Lead and Supporting Actors

The lead actors play a vital role in a film because they bring to life the ideas of the screenwriter and the vision of the director in a way that pleases the audience. However, to become an actor, control and awareness of expressions and movements are required.

Nowadays, the most successful actors are those that appear like they’re not acting at all. They are those that are able to synchronize their thoughts, words, and their body movements to be able to play a believable character.

Models do have great chances of playing lead roles in films, especially if its plot revolves around the fashion industry or about the life story of a prominent person in the business, as long as he or she meets the requirements of the role. Among the models who have gotten leading or supporting roles in films include Kate Uptown, who was in The Other WomanRose Huntington-Whitely, who starred in one of the Transformer sequels and in the latest franchise of the Mad Max, Cindy Crawford who was in Fair Game, and Tyra Banks, who was featured in Life Size with Lindsay Lohan.

Aside from these jobs, there are a whole lot of careers available for anyone, not only for models, in the entertainment business. But, for aspiring models who want to turn their dreams into reality by applying for film industry jobs, then this list would surely be a helpful guide.