ExploreTalent Tips: How to Dress for an Acting Audition

Auditions can be quite intimidating. An actor can spend numerous hours before the actual acting audition practicing the lines and knowing the character by heart. When it comes to the big day, casting directors will judge you based on your skill and the way you deliver the part. But oftentimes, an actor overlooks their appearance when it comes to auditions. Little do they know, is that this is an essential part of the judging process.

Casting directors will see how well you bring yourself and how professional you are even when it comes to just dressing up. If you are a rookie actor, you need to bear in mind the importance of looking presentable for an audition. The minute you walk into the room, even before you open your mouth, you are judged based on how you look and dress like. So go over our list below for some helpful tips on how to dress appropriately for an audition.

1. Keep it comfortable


There is no need to wear sky-high heels unless you are auditioning for a pageant or if the part requires you to do so. By “comfortable,” it means that you dress in a way that it exudes your personality and not somebody else’s. This also doesn’t mean you should go in dressed in flip flops or shorts. Stick with business casual attires when no look is specified by the casting director. Make sure your clothes aren’t too tight or too skimpy. It is best to have a dress rehearsal prior to the actual audition just to be sure.

2. Internalize your character


When saying “internalize,” it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to show up in your character’s wardrobe. Instead, you just have to pick out what he or she would wear if they were in that position. This allows the casting director to see bits and pieces of the character you are auditioning for when they see you for the first time.

For example, you are playing a character who is a wallflower. Go to your audition dressed in plain clothing that suggests you are portraying your character without being too obvious about it. This is how most actors are “built for a certain role.”

3. Know your colors

Casting directors often are attracted to blue colors when it comes to auditions. The logical explanation behind that is because blue is oftentimes seen around the environment every day. It is the color of the sky and the reflection of it in the water, it can be warm and cool to look at at the same time. You don’t need to head to your audition dressed in all blue, but it does help to add a little detail here and there. It is also important to take note of your natural skin tone and stick to a hue that matches it. You wouldn’t want to wear something that contrasts to the color of your skin since that won’t look too pleasing for the eyes or for screen tests.

4. Stay away from prints

Now it may be tempting to wear your favorite printed Hawaiian t-shirt so you can stand out during an audition, but that is not the way to go. Casting directors may be judging your look but you wouldn’t want to take all their attention away from your face. Anything from polka dots to checkered polo shirts are also a big no when it comes to auditions but this could be acceptable if the role you are vying for calls for it. So unless that is the case, simple go for a nice, clean, and solid color outfit.

5. Leave unnecessary accessories at home


A wristwatch and a pair of studded earrings will do, so leave your fashionable hats and sunglasses at home. They don’t only look like a distraction but they can also be disrespectful especially since you are there to audition for a role, not to endorse any sunglasses brand. When you stick to a simple look,  you’re going to give the impression that you are a professional.

6. Push your hair back and wear minimal makeup


Maybe this isn’t part of your outfit, but this is for your overall look. By pushing your hair back and looking natural, you’re giving casting directors the opportunity to paint a canvass over you. For men, do shave your beard unless of course casting specifies that they need a bearded actor for the role. In the end, make sure you show up to your audition looking confident about yourself.

Remember that there are a lot of people who may look and dress like you, but this shouldn’t be a reason for you to go overboard with the outfit just to stand out. Just make sure you nail your acting audition while dressing and looking like you are comfortable in your own skin and you’re all set to go.