Former Marlboro Man Passed Away Due to Smoking-Related Disease

Former Marlboro Man’s Death at 72 Due To Respiratory Failure Reported by Explore Talent

Marlboro Man Eric Lawson Passed Away from Smoking-Related Disease

Explore Talent mourned with the family of Eric Lawson. The popular Marlboro man passed away in his home in California. The commercial model is the most notable Marlboro commercial model to do the cigarette brand. He died due to smoking-related disorder. His popularity started from the late 1970s to 1990s.

Lawson diet at 72 due to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease that subsequently resulted from Respiratory Failure. This was all due to his smoking problem. He started being addicted to cigarette smoking at the age of 14.

The commercial model is not only well-known due to his Marlboro endorsements. Apart from modeling, he also did some acting. He got acting roles in “Beretta” as well as “Dynasty” through taking part in acting auditions.

The actor fought for the disorder right after being diagnosed. He and his wife find it difficult for him to quit smoking. Forced to stop the addiction, he became an advocate to stop smoking.

Lawson is survived by his wife and family, composing of his 6 children and grandchildren, as well as great grandchildren.

Source: Explore Talent