How to Find Audition Inspiration

In order to effectively portray a role, an actor needs to find inspiration. But it’s not easy to find one in front of people who can make or break your dream. But if you are determined enough, you can find ways. Here are some tips on how you can find inspiration and ace that audition!


Work for It

Your audition materials such as the music, the sides, or your own choice of materials like books can help you find inspiration.

  • Read the story with open mind. Let the story consume you, don’t pay attention yet on the characters. Don’t judge.
  • Write down whatever idea, feelings, or opinions you formed based on what you have read. List down the possible themes the writer is trying to explore.
  • Focus on the character you have to play. Know its significance in the story, may it be the lead or just a supporting role. Be aware of the purpose it serves in the particular scene assigned to you.
  • Separate the scene into beat. It’s the measurement of action, the cause and effect. With this, you will be able to follow the story and your progress during the scene.
  • Attach an action to every beat. Use your eyes when expressing. When you are feeling confident, assign an action to every line of your dialogue. The benefit of doing this technique is it helps you memorize the lines. If you know your lines by heart, you are free to interpret it the way you wanted.
  • Create an objective. Even when auditioning, you need to have a deep understanding of the purpose of your character’s role in the scene. How are you going to effectively fulfill the writer’s intention?


Think Outside the Box

When you’re done with the works above, it’s time for your brain to be creative.

  • Based on the notes you made as you did the first few steps, research on the themes and images. Read articles, stories, and poems about the character. As an actor, you have to be credible in bringing life to your character. Read stories and views of the people with firsthand accounts similar to your character.
  • Broaden your view of the world. Leave the comfort of your house and visit places where you can connect with the world. You can go out to a park, a coffee shop, or a museum. Expose yourself in all forms of art: music, dance, painting, literature, etc. Look at the world from the point of view of an outsider.
  • Creative people need to spend time alone. Turn off your phone and other gadgets and experience the joy of being quiet. Visit the forests, the beaches, paint, read poetry, anything that would let you explore your creativity while being absorbed in the richness of cultures of the past and present.
  • Read books. You should set aside a portion of your day for reading a great book. Research how people see their lives in their own words. This will help you grow as an artist and keep your soul alive as you travel in traffic, sit still for hours in waiting rooms, or as you deal with the unavoidable rejection. It’s an inspiration to all to see actors evolving and maturing as a person and as an artist.
  • Engage your body. Exercise is part of the process. Visit the gym, do yoga, or go for a run. Sometimes best ideas suddenly come out while you’re in the middle of something and not thinking about the audition.


Don’t Let Rejections Get the Best of You

If you didn’t get booked, learn to accept it. Disappointment is a needed skill for us all. It’s the way of life. Of course when you are rejected, it’s normal to feel bad. While it’s okay to wallow in your sorrow, don’t take too much time, you need to move on quickly.¬†Besides, being rejected is not all about your talent. Most of the time, it has something to do with your weight or hair color. Maybe you’re too beautiful or handsome for the part, or maybe you are too young or too old for the role.

Think of an audition as a work. Don’t lose hope just because you didn’t get the part. When you walk inside the audition room, you don’t have a job, so you have nothing to lose! Remember,¬†what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.