ExploreTalent Presents a Beginner’s Guide to Acting

Acting should be something that an individual wholeheartedly wants to do. Not many get a longtime career in acting, but for those who successfully make their marks in the industry made it because of a combination of passion and drive.

The acting industry can be tricky when it comes to navigating around it. The key to doing so is by accepting the fact that the entertainment industry has withheld a history long concept of what is expected from an actor and how can he or she can build a career that can withstand time.

1. Ask yourself, ‘Why do I want to act?’


When it comes to acting, fame should not be the top priority. Sure, it is understandable for an actor who has worked so hard in the industry to want to have his name up in lights. It is pretty much the same for supporting actors to finally get their shot in a starring role. But those things only happen overnight to a mere handful of people.

In general, many actors can’t even book a job after one whole year. Don’t look at acting and imagine Hollywood or Broadway, look at acting as a chance to live out your passion. When you become passionate about something, then you will develop the desire to achieve whatever you can and never get disheartened when things don’t go your way. Make sure acting is something you want to put your energy to in the long run because in an industry as competitive as this, you will really need it.

2. Find your niche


Your niche or something a person is good at may vary per actor. Sometimes, actors can be flexible and can be a television, movie, and Broadway star at the same time. But for some, they usually stick to what they specialize on. Play on your strengths and explore the possibilities after you’ve established yourself. That way, you can book many jobs and gain recognition for trying out other fields in acting. One example is actor Hank Azaria, who, apart from getting a career over the long running animated series The Simpson, has already become known as a producer and award-winning character actor.

3. Learn the basics in acting

Casting Call

It is best to learn acting from a pro, so don’t hesitate to sign up for some classes to stock up on useful information. The more you know, the easier it becomes. Being a rookie should not be an excuse to be clueless. You can start by learning basic acting phrases and work your way to actual acting. It never really hurts to know a lot if you want to make it in this industry.

Another basic necessity in acting is finding an agent. Freelance actors can work, but they don’t have much success as those who work with agents.

4. Plan your career


Planning may sound cliched, but in reality, it is just the exact opposite if you want to make a longtime commitment to acting. Don’t be surprised to know that despite your investments, there is a chance you won’t make it in the industry. So be sure to have a backup plan should you hit road blocks along the way.

Some guide questions you can make use of when it comes to planning your career include how much time and money are you willing to invest should you decide to dive into acting. Another is what lengths are you ready to go to when building your ambition. You can add a few guide questions just as long as you put it into writing, so then you can plan out what direction you would like your career to venture to for the time being.

5. Get that experience needed


Auditions are intimidating. They can either work out or not, but in the end what matters is that you tried. If your acting audition does not go well, keep in mind the things that you need to improve. Every actor should be able to take criticisms and failures in stride, as the industry will never seem to run out of them.

For auditions that do work out, play on your good points and if you are still given pointers, take that as an opportunity to corporate into your acting during the actual performance. Actors are capable of learning something new each day and that is the beauty of the business, the ability to push yourself on a creative level is always rewarding.