Explore Talent’s New Couple Alert: Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long

Explore Talent - Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long

Explore Talent’s alert on new couples recently centered on Justin Long and Amanda Seyfried. This was based on a Us Weekly report saying there is a fresh celebrity couple in the horizon in the wake of reports that Long and Seyfried are dating.

A keen observer present at the premiere of actress’ movie Lovelace revealed to the magazine that the couple was “inseparable” during the July 30th event. The source said that Justin was alone when he came in and stuck close to Seyfried the entire night.

The source further explained that Long and Seyfried were not making out, but just really stayed closed to each other during the premiere with Long hanging out while Seyfried was talking with the other people present in the event.

Based on the source’s accounts, Justin is very private when it comes to his relations with actresses so he is not really positive about how he and Amanda met, but that they knew each other for a period of time already while they were still going out with other people.

It was additionally revealed that the actor and actress just recently begun hanging out with each other more and going on activities that appear like dates. He said that as the two of them are equally busy, they are now just trying to see where everything goes.