Explore Talent States Casting Intended For Models In Nashville

Model In Nashville Red-Dyed Hair
photo source: exploretalent.com

Explore Talent publicized about the two models sought after in Nashville, TN. Casting directors are trying to find a pair of models aged 18 and above. The determined models agreed to dye their hair blonde and red.

Models had submitted their images before the photo submission deadline which happened on Sept. 1. Models were tested in their ability to walk and pose. Models were in Nashville on Thursday, Sept. 5. The preparation and rehearsals happen on Sept. 6 and Sept. 7. The happened on Sunday, Sept. 8. The models left the day after the show.

Blonde Hair Model in Nashville
photo source: exploretalent.com

This non-union job paid each models with $1500 + $40 per day. In addition, a $100 is given for cab and baggage fees. The client also prepared hotel accommodation for both models.

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Source: Explore Talent