Explore Talent Shares Discover Channel Klondike Regarding DVD Release on May 5

Explore Talent reveals about Klondike, Discovery Channel’s first ever scripted mini-series. The successful television program will be releasing its DVD on the 5th of May. Discovery Channel series admirers are looking forward to the release date.

Discovery Channel’s Klondike is based on Charlotte Gray’s Gold Diggers: Striking It Rich in the Klondike, Filmoria affirmed. It showcases the trip of Bill Haskell (Richard Madden), the adventurer who passes through dangerous means to search for gold. With his pal Byron Epstein (Augustus Prew), the duo provides a thrilling experience that makes Klondike Gold Rush search into the hunger for equal rights.

Through a group of challenging characters, the series is created to be more fascinating. This epic adventure also shows the struggle through harsh climate. According to Today Entertainment, Madden revealed that it’s his most treacherous acting job, so far. He believed that working on Game of Thrones was the most difficult, till he started shooting for Klondike.

Enjoy the Klondike journey from Dawson City’s 1890s set up. Savor the enjoyment over and over again from the DVD release which will be released on May 5.

Source: Explore Talent