American Horror Story 4 Reveals Its New Title, Freak Show

Explore Talent Shares Concept for American Horror Story 4

Ryan Murphy Twitter Post

American Horror Story television program captivates countless viewers with every episode, Explore Talent shares. All those hooked on the show are excited about its upcoming season 4. Speculations of the theme had ended upon co-creator Ryan Murphy’s validation by turning to Twitter on Wednesday, March 25, 2014.

American Horror Story is an innovative, exceptional television series. Every season it features its own highly-appealing narrative spillage. Given that the series modifies all season, viewers feels ecstatic on its new 4th season theme. Ryan Murphy clues on recent interview, of the fact that series will occur in the 1950s and that Jessica Lange is already doing her German accent, Entertainment Weekly confirmed.

On 2011, the TV series premiered. The first season occurred on the haunted property in a 2011 setting. The season was entitled American Horror Story: Murder House. The next season, American Horror Story: Asylum occurred within a mental institution on 1964. American Horror Story: Coven took place in the recent time and on 1800s. The foremost season that ended comes after the plot of witches’ coven. For sure, fans are happy to hear that American Horror Story: Freak Show will be happening in a new setting, the circus.

Source: Explore Talent