Explore Talent Reports New Info on Britney Spears’ Latest Album

Explore Talent on Britney Spears' New Album

Explore Talent discloses a new item about the most recent album of Britney Spears. Excerpts of the interview where this first came out can be seen below:

In a talk with TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest during his talk show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Britney Spears revealed the inspiration of her new album. The most awaited record, which will be released on the 3rd of December, was stirred up mostly by her breakup with former fiancé Jason Trawick just recently.

The singer, who is known for her latest hit, “Work Bitch”, said that the album is the “most personal” she has ever done. She said that after her breakup within the year, she was able to convey all her thoughts and feelings in the studio.

The songstress considered what happened as a “nice therapy” and is happy that she has the ability to share this experience with all her fans.

Spears stated that things that “come from the heart” are usually the best and usually comes with the “best beat”. She added that it helped her get over from her breakup quite easily because she was able to sing it and think of it each night until it got to the point when she realized that she was already okay as she was already performing.

The mother of two boys said it was a “therapeutic way to get over it”.