Explore Talent Reports About Alec Baldwin’s New Baby Girl

Explore Talent on Alec Baldwin's New Baby

Explore Talent has dished out some interesting news lately and these include the birth of Alec Baldwin’s baby daughter. Clips of this news item are as follows:

Alec Baldwin and his life-partner Hilaria Thomas Baldwin recently welcomed the birth of their new little princes, Carmen. The darling newborn was born in New York City last August 23. The wife of the actor known for his role in 30 Rock announced this momentous life event on Twitter.

She tweeted that they are “overjoyed” to share about Carmen Gabriela’s birth and described their baby girl as “absolutely perfect”. Hilaria Baldwin also added a bit later that since she gave birth to Carmen, love as a word now has a fresh meaning for them. She said that the intensity and depth of this love is quite “overwhelming” but in a way that is most welcome.