Explore Talent Recommends Their Older Models Stay In The Game

Hollywood (April 30, 2006) – Years ago, waifs were all the rage on the runway. Today, the older models are back and are just as commercially viable as ever.

Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington, and Elle Macpherson have all gotten back into the game.

The game has changed because older women, ages 30-50, are buying more cosmetic products than ever nowadays and having the older, more mature supermodels as spokesmen have become more effective.

Another reason why these models have come back is recognition, something that the younger models don’t yet have. Some models like Cindy Crawford have carried their appeal with them as they grew older. The girls who grew up seeing her in fashion magazines have grown up too and can relate much more to her modeling more mature clothes than a young girl of 18. Add to this, these older women have most of the purchasing power as opposed to their younger counterparts.

This idea of putting older women on covers is apparently nothing new. Before the mid-60’s older women reigned the covers of fashion mags. It was thought that they were more in tuned to fashion.

Older women who have yet to find success in modeling can find their start at Explore Talent, a site that caters to aspiring models. It is here that they can put up their profile for agencies to find them work; maybe not the same work that Cindy Crawford is doing, but modeling work nonetheless.