Explore Talent Provides Stories Straight from Contented Talent Agents

Explore Talent Testimonies

Explore Talent lately showed testimonials coming from talent scouts who have worked alongside the website. Anyone searching for talents can input the data of their coming projects and productions on the site and Explore Talent will certainly release it to their members.

“Live from Midtown” documentary series producer Gregory stated that the ExploreTalent.com site enabled him to come in contact with good performers directly with just a simple click of a single button. He said this essentially saved him a lot of money that he would have paid any casting director who will promote the casting call of his production. The producer stressed that the site has become a very valuable resource for an NGO or a non-profit organization like what he is running.
Meanwhile, OTR Theater Company CEO Michael Harding also shared that he really feels that the treatment and respect of Explore Talent of all casting directors is the same, regardless of their budget. On top of that, a lot of staff members from OTR and the cast members are actually resident actors that have been working with the company for 3 years now and are from Explore Talent.com.