Explore Talent Posts About the Revelation of the Highest Paid TV Stars

Explore Talent - Highest Paid TV Stars

Explore Talent posted a news item on its blog revealing the list of the highest paid celebrities on television. The blog article excerpts can be found below:

TV Guide Magazine has recently come out with the yearly guide to the salaries of the stars titled, “TV’s Highest Paid Stars: What They Earn”. Top earners among television stars were revealed in the magazine issue.
The August 22nd issue of the magazine announced the pay of more than 150 TV stars. Below are the highest paid among them arranged by the categories they are classified under:

Comedy (for each episode) Ashton Kutcher  for Two and a Half Men: $750, 000

Drama (for each episode) Mark Harmon for NCIS: $525,000 + points

Late Night (annually) Jon Stewart for The Daily Show: $25-30 million
Reality Howard Stern for America’s Got Talent: $15 million annually