Rihanna Purposely Snubs Rita Ora due to Career Feud

Explore Talent News On Rihanna and Rita Ora’s Catfight

Rita Ora and Beau Calvin Harris
source: eonline.com

Among the most celebrated names in the music world right now are Rihanna and Rita Ora, Explore Talent clearly shows the main reason for their long-time rivalry and career feud. The very clear reports of with each other had begun a couple of years prior. Rita Ora denied the allegation saying that it was all just a fabrication, Complex Magazine confirmed.

While in the “Grammy” events, there is no trying to hide it that Rihanna was viewed by onlookers, friends and associates that she ignores Rita Ora’s presence. The 25-year-old songstress was even observed speaking with Ora’s on-and-off boyfriend, Calvin Harris, 30. Bumping each other repeatedly through occasions, the 23-year-old British vocalist undoubtedly observed the snubbing.

So, what is the real deal with Rita Ora and Rihanna’s feud? Are they actually getting a catfight? With the two within the exact same team managing them, with similar intermingling groups, it’s actually uneasy for them to neglect each other on every occasion.

Within the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, Rihanna received “Best Contemporary Music” for “Unapologetic”. Harris was nominated with the “Best Dance/Electronica Album” along with “Best Dance Recording”. Ora’s undertakings had gone from singing to acting landed her a part in the acting audition done for the “50 Shades of Grey” film next year.