Jared Leto Shares Successful 2013 and His Plans for His Music Career

Explore Talent On Jared Leto’s Next Step Soon After His Success in 2013

Dallas Buyers Club Gained Him Three Prestigious Awards for Best Supporting Role as An Actor
source: hollywoodreporter.com

In 2013, Jared Leto built a very successful and profitable year, Explore Talent assesses. He wasted an ample lot of time for his acting job in “Dallas Buyers Club” which paid back with numerous accolades. The singer-actor carried home 3 renowned awards for the Best Supporting Actor from SAG, Golden Globe as well as Oscars.

The 30 Seconds to Mars lead singer offers devoted much of his time lately in acting. Yet, Leto guaranteed supporters that the band is still intact and active. As proof, he said in an interview from Entertainment Tonight that they just arrived from an event in Mexico. This 2014, he said that the group is up for a pretty snug touring plan.

Leto made a name for himself in different areas in the entertainment industry. He both acts and sings. He composes music and also enjoy playing music instruments. He is genuinely one of the most accomplished individual in the industry. With this, he deserves all of the awards he got last year.

Source: Explore Talent