Justin Bieber Gets Deportation Plea from Group of US Citizens

Explore Talent Creates Reviews on Justin Bieber’s Probable Deportation

Justin Bieber Asked To Leave By Thousands of US Citizens
source: jaunted.com

The petition was approximately about Justin Bieber’s actions and offenses that features yet not limited to vandalism, driving his cars intoxicated by alcoholic beverages, illegal drug usage, drag racing, and attacking innocent people. Due to this, the “concerned” residents asked the American government to examine and do something with their plea.

To get the petition entertained, it is required to get at least 100,000 signatures. The signature campaign done by the group exceeded from up to 220,000. According to Hollywood LIfe, the US may review and respond to the plea but the cases concerning the Beibs are non-deportable. This may resemble only as a challenge that Justin Bieber can easily get out of.

Source: Explore Talent