Explore Talent Blog Reports on Robert Pattinson’s Relationship Style

Explore Talent Blog - Robert Pattinson

Explore Talent has a new blog and it posted about the style of Robert Pattinson when it comes to handling relationships. Details of the blog include the following:

According to US Weekly, Maps to Stars Homes actor Robert Pattinson went rather open and personal during Australia’s Sunday Style interview for their 15th of September issue. The Twilight actor recently broke up with girlfriend Kristen Stewart, who was also his partner in the Twilight saga franchise. The stormy relationship ended right after Stewart got caught up in an affair with married film director Rupert Sanders, who worked with the actress on the movie Snow White and the Huntsman. Although Pattinson and Stewart initially got back together after their initial breakup, they ended up breaking up for good later on.

The actor, who is also known for his role in Remember Me, revealed that he is “quite sensitive” and likes to do some “grand gesturing”. But, he brushed this off as just his ego acting up.

He also stated that he likes giving presents to people and that he thinks of himself as the best giver of gifts. He explained though that this is only because he often gets stuff for himself and likes to make these work for others.