Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials Sets Another Unforgettable Tradition

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Super Bowl 2014 Features Budweiser's 'Puppy Love'

Super Bowl is considered to be among the most awaited celebrations not just for sports-minded people. The Super Bowl TV ads viewing has become part of a long history as viewers become more and more drawn into the advertisements. Most spectators are not fond of the NFL finale game but only interested in the Telly special’s commercial airtime.

Together, business advertisers and firms want positive feedbacks. With this, they make ads to emphasize their products and services in the best way that they could. The Super Bowl airtime is regarded as the highly expensive advertising slot throughout the year. Companies want to get television audience’s consideration to get ratings within the television commercials.

Today’s viewers are searching for an array of charming, funny, heartwarming, and controversial adverts. The combined selection was in fact the anticipation of the viewing public, Huffington Post stated.

Super Bowl XLVIII has a particularly eye-catching marketing ad by Budweiser. Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” creates a wonderful and heartwarming feeling, combined with giggles and controversy. The next commercial produced that highlights the event is Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Cheadle, and a variety of advertising models promoting Bud Light. Next will be Scarlet Johannson’s SodaStream that generates both disapproval and approval from viewers.

The National Football League (NFL) season ended with a bang. For sure, the Super Bowl commercials will again invade next season with its tradition of entertaining men and women.

Source: Explore Talent