Explore Talent Announces This Summer’s Best Male Swimsuit Contest

Explore Talent's Annual Best Male Swimsuit Contest
photo source: exploretalent.com

Explore Talent encourages subscribers to join the Best Male Swimsuit Contest!

Daniel Jackson, Advertising Associate of Explore Talent encourages male members to join the site’s Best Male Swimsuit Contest. He said all you need to do is wear speedos and boardshorts. Explore Talent provides the contest for men with hot bods. The members are encouraged to wear their best summer outfit either at beachfront or the pool area.

The competition is open to male members that desire to show off their body for Explore Talent. To join, contestants ought to upload top quality photographs. All contestants are encouraged to take part and aim to receive votes. The particular shot is going to be in the talent site. With lots of members on the webpage, you are instructed to compete for at least 30 votes. The one who get the highest votes on or before August 31 can win prizes.

Over the competition, every contestant is going to gain 5 Explore Talent points. Points will be gathered and they can be utilized as rewards. The contestant with the highest points will be part of the board on the featured contestants. The 1st place winner will receive 1 year free membership on the web page, the 2nd place will get 3 months free account. The 3rd and last prize will get 1-month Pro membership using Explore Talent.

Source: PRWeb.com