Everything You Need to Know About a Modeling Agency

For people who are starting out their career in the modeling industry, it is given that one needs to know and understand how modeling agencies function. After that you will then be able to fully enjoy the services agencies have to offer. Basically, all modeling agencies are comprised of various staff that have specific assignments, tasks, and responsibilities. You need to know which is which and their roles to avoid inconvenience.

The Booker

Popularly known as agent or manager, the booker is the one in charge of your career may it be short or long-term. If you are a newbie, he will bring you to the people you will work with. He will introduce you to photographers who will help you choose the perfect photos for every shoot. Technically, the booker is aiming on marketing you as a model.

For those who are already working, the booker will be the one to choose the client you should work for. He will manage your schedule and daily activities as well as informing you if a client is interested in working with you since clients call the booker directly.

There are special times when the booker is not limited to work-related activities. Part of his job is to address personal matters like meeting and choosing your personal trainers, nutritionists, and doctors. He can also give you a hand with  private stuff like choosing a property to buy. He may even refer you to accountants and lawyers in order to make sure that you become successful.

Major Booking Departments

The New Faces Department

 This department is focused on training new recruits into becoming professional models. Booking your first ever modeling job is part of their responsibilities too. The people in this department meet with aspirants who attend the agency’s open  calls.

The Model Management Department

After going through the new faces department, this is going to be your next station. The basic role and responsibility of the model management department is to ensure that models have a well-balanced career. Just like the new faces department, they will choose what kinds of clients you should be working for.

 The Supermodel Department

From the name itself, this department is the one handling models who transformed into celebrities and supermodels. They will take care of everything for you once you achieve the supermodel status and earn millions of dollars. They are the ones handling outside modeling projects like filming exercise videos and posing for calendar covers as well as TV shows and guestings.

The Catalog and Advertising Department

The task of this department is to assign models for advertising and catalog jobs. Models who don’t have any scheduled project are often the ones chosen for this type of modeling job.

 The Runway Department

The runway department, as what its name suggests, is the one that handles the scheduling and booking of models who will walk the runway. Part of their responsibilities are organizing boutique shows, fittings, and trunk shows for every model that the agency handles.

 The Television and Commercial Department

This department is tasked to work with other agencies when a model is offered television bookings. Guest appearances on TV shows and other related jobs are all responsibilities of the staff in this department.

Other Departments

Accounting Department

 The accounting department is primarily the one handling all money-related transactions, both outgoing and incoming. Every time you are offered a job, a voucher will be handed for you to sign as a form acknowledgement that you have a pending job. That same voucher will then be given to the accounting department after the job. Stated in the voucher is your fee as a model as well as your agents’.

Promotions and Publicity

The name and image of the agency is under the hands of the promotions and publicity team. Their main goal is exposure of the models. They arrange charity events for that goal. They are also in charge of dealing with press inquiries about their models and the agency in a holistic sense.


Department directors, the president, and vice president of the agency are the people who comprise the administration. In other words, they are the head of the whole agency. They work out the future of the entire agency and address issues that may arise.

The advantage of knowing who does what is not just for your own good. Since you are placing the fate of your modeling career in the hands of modeling agencies, it is best to determine whether you are with the right people. This will assure that you won’t be investing so much on nothing.