Casting: What You Need To Know

When it comes to any sort of production in Hollywood, the first step is casting.

Casting is the interview process in which producers and casting agents meet with aspiring actors to fill parts for their upcoming TV show, movie, commercial or theater show. When any type of actor or actress wants to be hired as a character in any type of production, that person will be given the chance to show off their talents in front of the casting directors for the show at an audition. The casting directors are the panel of “judges” handling the auditions and have a very strong impact when it comes to the final say of who gets picked and who gets sent home.

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The Casting Call Process

The casting process can’t happen unless there are auditions. As an actor, there are some rules you must follow when going on auditions. In Hollywood, so many producers and casting agents know each other so make sure you are on your best behavior. Offending the wrong person, or acting out can cause the casting directors to ask you to leave the audition and make sure you don’t get another offer again. You don’t want that. Remember to always be polite and courteous. Saying “please” and “thank you” is a must and respect the space you’re in. There are other aspiring actors there just like you, so stay quiet. If you’re going to rehearse your lines, try and do them in your head or quietly under your breath. Try not to bring any attention to yourself before you’re actually called into the audition room.  Show up about 15 minutes to 30 minutes before your scheduled audition time so you’re able to sign in, find a good spot to rehearse and get yourself mentally and physically prepared for the next step.

When you get into the audition room always make sure to bring your headshot and resume with you. Find the casting assistant and hand her your paperwork. After you’ve done that, introduce yourself quickly and start your lines.  Remain calm and speak loudly and clearly. Don’t let any negative thoughts leak into your mind or it could throw off the entire audition. Staying positive is key when inside the audition room! If you mess up, laugh it off and promptly start over. Don’t dwell on any mistake or you could hold up the audition and the panel could kindly just ask you to leave. Having fun with it will show the panel that you are relaxed, easy to work with and confident in yourself! Remember, confidence is key! When you are confident in yourself it shows on your face and radiates from your skin. It changes an actor’s entire demeanor. So, remain calm and just play around with it! Once you’ve finished your lines, thank the casting directors for meeting with you and make a quick exit.

After you leave, hang around in the waiting room just in case they ask you to come back in and read for a second time. Remember, never ask a casting agent or assistant if you got the part or when you’re going to find out; don’t call them, they’ll call you. That’s the slogan in the audition world! Be patient and remain positive and you could get your call back! If you don’t, never let it affect your mind state.

If you hear a “NO” use it as motivation to hear a “YES!” next time. If they don’t happen to call you back for a second reading, sign out, thank the casting assistant for their time and leave with your head held high knowing that you did your best!

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