Casting Directors Find Fresh Faces At Explore Talent

Hollywood (April 26, 2006) – Casting agents are always looking for the next hottest commodity. Of course, the next great actor might not live in the entertainment Mecca of the world. Enter Explore Talent, an online database for models and actors which hosts the talent’s profile online so casting directors can find a certain look or a person with certain talents that might be right for the next project.

The 11 year old company saves time finding the talent casting directors want to meet, whether they hail out of Hollywood, California or Hollywood, Florida.

Actors and models pay a monthly fee to post their headshots, measurements, and resume and in return are matched up with auditions held in their area. The web site currently has over 600,000 members and is growing rapidly.

With over 1700 casting directors in their database, the site has proven to be quite lucrative and has made the lives of CD’s much easier as they no longer have to go from site to site, hoping to find what they’re looking for. This is especially relevant to casting directors in smaller towns who may experience a dearth of talent in their area. With its huge database, Explore Talent can now link up both parties to form a match.

Talent interested in joining the site can find opportunities all over the U.S. and in their local area, from auditions to dozens of film, theater and TV production companies, recording contracts, modeling, dancing jobs and much more. For only about a dollar a day, they buy the confidence of having industry insiders in their corner for their chosen career.