Know the Bizarre Ways These Actors Got into Character

Character building is all about asking studying the role, but some actors go the extra mile to bring a character to life. But it is not common for them  to sacrifice just about everything for a role. Whether it means sacrificing their own health or even something as sensitive as their personal relationships, in the end many choose to be slaves for the sake of creating art. While it often comes out rewarding for both the film and the actor, one can’t help but think, did these famous actors go too far?

Nobody really encourages these actors to go to the extremes just so they can identify with the roles they play, but yet they still go for it to be able to create memorable performances. Read on below for the most bizarre ways these famous actors had to resort to just to get into character.

1. Johnny Depp lived in journalist Hunter S. Thompson’s basement


For those of you who don’t know, Hunter S. Thompson was the founder of the Gonzo journalism movement, which focuses on articles that are without claims of objectivity. For the black comedy movie based on one of Thompson’s greatest works “Fear and Loating in Las Vegas”, Depp wanted to dive into the intricate and often mad world of Thompson. He moved into his actual basement for four months and religiously studied Thompson’s mannerisms. One of the most dangerous things he had to follow was smoking with gunpowder nearby. It just showed how dedicated Depp was into bringing justice to the character.

Although the movie bombed in the box office, it still went on to become a cult classic with people praising it for its artistic style and Depp’s approach to the main role.

2. Nicolas Cage wore magical amulets for Ghost Rider

GR bike

Ghost Rider tells the story of Johnny Blaze, an antihero who made a deal with the devil to save the life of someone he loves so much. Apparently, there was nothing in the script that talked about wearing magical amulets or anything magical at all. The only topic of the supernatural that the movie touched was the whole pact with the devil thing.

But looks like Cage didn’t get the memo and began to wear magical amulets to be one with ancient ghosts. Other than that, Cage also admitted into painting his face to resemble an Afro-Caribbean spirit of death who reminded him of the character he was actually portraying. In the end, critics didn’t love the film, but it did do well in sales. But the sequels that followed didn’t do the same.

3. Daniel Radcliffe became a metalhead to play the devil


Horns was a brilliant novel, too bad the movie wasn’t that great. In the film, Daniel Radcliffe had fully shed his Harry Potter persona to play a man who grew horns and is convicted for killing his girlfriend. The role required Radcliffe to get in touch with his dark side, far deeper than the one Voldemort had tried to conjure during his glory days. So in an effort to do so, Radcliffe listened to the same song over and over again. The song in question? “Sweating Bullet” by Megadeth, because nothing spells more angst than heavy metal.

4. Val Kilmer transformed himself into Jim Morrison


When an actor is chosen to do a biopic, there is an added pressure to bring justice to it. Val Kilmer in the film The Doors was no exception. Kilmer played Jim Morrison, the lead singer of the band the movie is named after. To prepare himself for the role, Kilmer hung out where Morrison used to and even wore his clothes. The results clearly paid off, as he did bear a striking resemblance to the rock star.

5. Jared Leto played pranks on his Suicide Squad Cast Mates


This coming August 2016, Leto will embark on an iconic role made famous by both Jack Nicholson and the late Heath Ledger. Everybody knows that he can bring something new to the role, but Leto had to undergo grueling preparation to do so, and part of that was his decision to play some twisted pranks on his cast mates.

According to reports, Leto sent creepy love letters to co-star Margot Robbie who plays Harley Quinn, the Joker’s main squeeze. But it wasn’t just letters, as Robbie also had a dead rat in the mail at Leto dived deeper into the pyschopatic killer’s mind. The pranks got so intense, that the whole cast needed an on set therapist to help them deal with their characters.