Alternate Movie Endings Not Shown on Cinemas

Movie endings is probably the most important part of the movie. It leaves the audiences with a lasting impression and makes them discern on the overall feelings of the film. So when it comes to the actual process of making a movie, directors tend to shoot several scenes to find out which fits best. ExploreTalent has rounded up which productions made drastic alternate endings that would have changed the overall impression of the movie. So check out the list below and see for yourself:

1. Alien, 1979

Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skeritt

Directed by: Ridley Scott


The 1979 epic science fiction and horror movie Aliens has been dubbed as one of the best ever made. It not only became a hit in the box office, but it also solidified Sigourney Weaver as a lead actress as she took on the role of Ellen Ripley. The movie ended with Ripley defeating the terrifying alien in one of the most epic battle scenes in movies ever, she then sends a message out to earth that she is the remaining crew member of the Nostrom.

But in a rather darker twist, director Ridley Scott wanted to go another direction with the alien getting the best of Ripley and ultimately killing her instead. They will then slice her head off and use her voice to send the same message Ripley does in the original ending while heading to earth and creating havoc. Well, this wouldn’t have worked at all because then the sequels of the movie wouldn’t be heading any direction, and besides, who would want to kill one of the greatest female characters in history?

2. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, 2010

Starring: Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Director: Edgar Wright


Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is an indie movie based on the graphic novel of the same name. It combines comedy and fantasy along with teen drama in a one-of-a-kind story line that follows the titular character fighting offbeat bad guys. The movie ultimately got positive reviews, but little do people know is that the ending was supposed to turn out differently.

In the movie version, Scott and Ramona end up together while his ex-girlfriend Knives accepts that he no longer loves her. But Wright did consider a more realistic approach to love and relationships as an alternate ending. He wanted Scott to end up with Knives instead, and then have Ramona walk out to live her life. But that would have been a catastrophe considering the whole plot revolves around Scott trying to win Ramona by defeating her evil exes.

3. I Am Legend, 2007

Starring: Will Smith

Director: Francis Lawrence


Everyone thought I Am Legend would be just another Will Smith sci-fi movie, but it actually was deeper than that. The film follows a military virologist Robert Neville, played by Smith, who appears to be the last remaining human on earth. He battles Darkseekers or predatory mutated humans infected by a deadly measles virus. In a twist, Neville discovers two other survivors to whom he hands the cure to before sacrificing his life to get them safe. Sounds depressing, right? Well, the other ending has a lighter tone to it as Neville actually survives the whole ordeal and discovers that the Darkseekers have not lost their sense of humanity yet. The alternate ending can be viewed in the DVD version.

4. The Descent, 2005

Starring: Alex Reid, Natalie Mendoza

Director: Neil Marshall


The Descent may have been enough to prompt the studio to create a follow-up, but it wasn’t necessarily that good of a movie to begin with. Nonetheless, audiences loved the jump scare slash gore factor that this British film had to offer. There isn’t a big difference in the alternate ending, but it does play an important role if one were to connect it with the second film.

The original ending saw the sole survivor Sarah escaping from her car after realizing it was all just a terrible hallucination, and she wakes up still in the cavern filled with flesh-eating humanoids. But when the film was released in the United States, Sarah actually escapes alive getting her a small role in the second movie.

5. The Orphan, 2009

Starring: Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard

Director: Janume Collete-Serra


The original ending involved the orphan Esther and distraught mother Kate battling it out in the icy lake. There’s a seemingly happy ending as Esther falls into her death, but the alternate ending released in the DVD took a more sinister turn. There, Esther puts on her makeup and meets up with police while channeling her sweet self. It’s a more chilling ending as we can see the possibility of continuing her reign of evil.