Actors: Let Explore Talent Find the Casting Calls For You

Hollywood, CA (April 26, 2006) – Open casting calls can be an awful process if things don’t go right. Every actor knows this. Standing in line with other hopefuls, actors wait to be called into the audition room praying all the time for a good performance.

On the other end, casting directors sit in a small room all day watching hundreds of auditions becoming very intolerant of anyone who makes their job difficult in addition to monotonous. This includes people who are whiny, needy, annoying, difficult, and those who beg for a break into the industry. According to these vets, they’ve seen all kinds.

Despite the horror of it all, actors continue on. However, finding these auditions to go to can be a difficult process. Most are turning to Explore Talent, a site that finds the auditions for the actor, freeing up time for actors to do more important rehearsing.

After the member chooses which auditions they want to go out on, they are instructed to bring their application package with them when they attend the audition. This includes headshots, cover letter, and resume. The actor’s name should be on their headshot so the casting director doesn’t need to flip through the pages to remember who’s who. Casting directors want cover letters brief, with the only information being a short intro, the actor’s highlights, and a reason for them to see the aspiring talent.

Explore Talent is an 11 year old company which has over 1700 casting directors searching their site, looking for the next big talent to discover.