Acting Audition

Acting Audition

As an aspiring actor or actress, your main goal is to go on as many acting auditions as possible. The more acting auditions you go on, the more your face and name will get out there in the industry and the chances of you getting discovered grow greater! An acting audition is technically just an interview with casting agents or producers for a role in any sort of production within TV, film, commercials or performing arts theatre. It’s at an audition that you will be able to show off your talent in front of a panel of producers, casting agents or both. These interviews can be a bit nerve-racking and seem scary but if you walk in there with confidence, knowing that you belong there, you’ll give off the vibe of a professional actor and have more of a chance at landing the role! There are a few different rules to follow when going into an audition. You must make sure you are polite, friendly, prompt, quiet and most importantly, respectful. This might be your first audition or your 100th but at every single one you should always make sure you leave a positive impression on the panel. You never know, these producers could be your future bosses.

Auditions are mainly for the casting directors to get a feel for the level of talent you have and if it’s right for their production and/or script. They are looking for the real life replica of the character that’s been written in the script. This could be a long and tiring ordeal for these casting directors, which is why you need to make sure you are prepared. When attending an audition, you’ll notice that the monologue or script you’re reading is not from the show or movie that you’re auditioning for. Some casting agents ask you to do a “cold reading” which means you will have little to no prior knowledge of the script before the audition. They want to catch you off guard to see how well you adapt to certain situations. This seems scary because you didn’t have much time to prepare or rehearse, but that’s why you must have confidence in yourself! Take a deep breathe, focus and read the script slowly and loudly. Do not doubt yourself. It’s when you doubt yourself that it starts to show and the whole audition can start to fall apart. If you mess up, laugh it off and quickly move on. The more fun you have with it, the more fun the panel will have with it. If you nail the monologue, they might call you back in to re-read the script or to read a script from the actual production you are auditioning for.

Once you’ve finished your cold reading, make sure you thank anyone and everyone for their time and make a prompt exit. Hang around in the waiting room for a bit to see if they call you back in for that second reading but if they don’t, don’t get discouraged! Just sign out and walk out of there knowing you did your very best. Once the audition is fully complete wait a week or so and you should receive your second call back! But remember; if you don’t get the callback, don’t let it stop you. As an aspiring actor, you’re going to hear a lot of “No’s” before you hear your first big “Yes!” It’s a journey, but the road to success is paved with knowledge, practice and tons of fun. Stay focused and determined and you’ll get there!

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