10 Common Misconception in Doing Film Industry Jobs

Not all things turn out to be what we expect them to be. That’s what happen if we set our standards too high or easily believe in things that are not really proven true. Same goes in the film industry. Not everything you hear from people are true. To save you from getting disappointed, here is a complete list of things that you should never expect if you do film industry jobs.

Wealth and Fame

Who doesn’t want to be rich, right? That is probably why many aspiring actors want to get into the business. However, there’s something you have to erase from your mind. Landing film jobs does not necessarily mean that you will get rich and famous then and there. Famous actors do not start as good ones. The first stage is mostly about struggle and perseverance. It is also the stage where you build up credibility, a phase that would usually take a long time and quite an amount of money.

Being impatient and financial instability are the major reasons actors seizes to pursue an acting career. You need extra patience during this phase because it normally requires a long time before you get to the top of the pedestal. Being broke is also part of the process, and sometimes, luck can be an important factor too.

Instant Friendship with Celebs

Aspiring actors automatically expect to be friends with those who already made it big in the film industry. This is another common misconception that needs to be debunked. There is a really big chance that once you get to work with a famous celebrity, that person will forget about you as soon as the project ends. In order to avoid awkward stares, refrain from getting all familiar with them when you accidentally bump to them in an event.

Getting Acting Jobs Is Easy

You need to prepare a lot of things before getting acting jobs. In order to have one casting, one usually undergoes various acting workshops and countless auditions. Experience can also give you an edge when auditioning for a role.

Getting rejected many times is not easy, but it pays off once you get enough experience. Remember to always update your resume and use recent photos if you need to go to another audition.

You Can Be Seen on the Big Screen

The film industry is a competitive one. Having said that, you cannot expect all the movies you work on to be shown in theaters. Another sad reality is that the film industry is also affected by political biases with regard to getting movies validated for viewing in public theaters. So don’t be sad if the movies only get published in the Internet, filming schools, or DVDs.

The Industry Is Fair

The world has improved its tolerance over discrimination. Many believe that auditions will not be based on gender, age, or ethnic background. However, please bear in mind that the casting directors and production have their own preferences too. This is just a heads-up.

Every Role Is Enjoyable

Taking a role is a matter of patience and requires good decision-making skills. You can get a lot of these once you finally get in the film and acting industry.

Acting Is as Easy as Art

Scratch this off your brain. Becoming an extremely versatile actor requires you to crush other actors’ dreams too. If you are the competitive type, then this wouldn’t be a problem for you. You also need several hours of acting lessons and acquire various acting techniques.

People in This Industry Are Kind and Gentle

If you think that most people in the film industry are amazing, accommodating, and sympathetic, then you are in for a lot of disappointments. It is a business after all.

Vacation Anytime, Anywhere

This one is another myth that needs to be taken out of your system. Acting is also a kind of job, so going on vacations anytime is essentially impossible.

Acting Offers Tenure

Some actors who start off in their early childhood don’t always pursue their acting careers. Although this is a usual response, it is not the only option you have. You can also try to take on other fields of the business.

In this industry, lowering your expectations is a necessary trait you need to adopt. Expect the worst but hope for the best. Sudden changes can occur depending on the casting directors. Learn not to take things personally.

One needs to excel in both auditioning and acting in order to get into the film industry. You need to be part of an excellent film production in order to hone these skills. If you master these things, then you will likely succeed in the industry. Be as realistic as possible when you establish goals so you get more chances of getting a film industry job.